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Introduction and Ambitions

Takoma Carty is a Student pursuing her  BSc (Hons) in  Forensic Biology at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston, Lancashire.  Upon successful completion of her undergraduate degree, she hopes to pursue a MSc (Hons) in DNA Fingerprinting at UCLAN and eventually return home to Anguilla and construct or aid in the construction of a functional Forensic Unit, a facility that she considers to be of urgent need in Anguilla.

In her own words

I am a resident of the beautiful village of South Hill, the daughter of Jane D. Carty and the proud mother of Tiandra L. Carty. I love Anguilla and I am doing my best to represent my country and my family at UCLAN. I think of myself as a hard-working, ambitious and kind hearted person who can make a difference in peoples lives.

Through going to University I hope to show other young ladies in Anguilla that even if you have a baby at a young age you can still accomplish what you want in life.

In my second and third years at UCLAN I hope to work in the university's laboratory to improve my laboratory skills and improve my chances of employability after graduation. I also hope to graduate with a first class degree in October/November 2008.

- Tiandra L. Carty - My 5 year old daughter and friend, who began her educational journey at Road Primary School in September 2005.

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Ms Takoma Carty 12/23/84


Tertiary - University of Central Lancashire - UCLAN(2005 - Present)
- Featured in 2007 UCLAN Prospectus
- Featured in 2006 UCLAN International Student Guide

Secondary - Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School - ALHCS (1996 - 2003)
-Graduated 6th Form in 2003 with 3 CAPE 'A' Levels (Communication studies, Environmental studies and Biology)

-Graduated 5th Form in 2001 with 6 CXC 'O' Levels (Geography, Mathematics, English A, Food and Nutrition, Biology, Social Studies)

Primary - Road Primary School

Pre-school - Bethel Methodist

What TAKOMA  Enjoys

Takoma enjoys  Reading, Traveling, Spending time with family and friends especially her daughter (Tiandra Carty), Helping and socializing with new people and singing at Church.

Previous Jobs

Summer 2006:  Royal Anguilla Police Force - Scene of Crime Dept

Winter 2005:
  Waitress - Oliver's Seaside Grill

2003 - 2005: Cashier - Anguilla Social Security Board

2002 - 2003: Operator - Cable & Wireless' Regional Contact Centre

Summer 2001:  Summer Placement - Princess Alexandra Hospital

Extracurricular Activities


- Member African Caribbean Society
- Member Film Society
- Course Representative Forensic Biology


- Member Literary and Debating Society (2000 - 2003)
- Member Pink House (1996 - 2003)
- Captain Pink House (2001 - led to victory)

- Member Anguilla Social Security Sports and  Social
  Club (2003 - 2005)
- President AXA Social Security Sports and Social
  Club (2004-2005)
- Teacher at Youth and Children Ministries,
    Christian Fellowship Church (2005)