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Introduction & AMBITIONS

Continuing on our fundamental premise of bridging gaps, AnguillaLNT is pleased to have this opportunity to profile Ms Jean Brooks of Anguilla, who is currently studying Information Technology at E.L.A.T.T College in the United Kingdom.

She is an ambitious lady  who is determined to return to Anguilla with the aim of contributing significantly to the  islands' Business Information Technology sector.


2003 - Present: Ladbrokes PLC (U.K) - (Mutli-Skilled Agent)

2001: C&W Contact Centre (Customer Services)

1997-2001: Radio Anguilla  (Announcer/Marketing)

1992-1996: Liat 1974 Ltd  (Multi-Skill Agent)

1989-1990: New York Police Depart (Legal Secretary)

Present: - E.L.A.T.T College (UK) - Information Technology.

Upon successfully graduating from College, Jean expects to continue on to pursue her Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology at the (Docklands) University of East London int the U.K

Secondary: Valley Secondary School (Anguilla)
1985-1988: EnglishA, French, Chemistry, Geography, Typing.

Erasmus Hall H/S (New York)
1988-1990: Writing Skills, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, Literature/and the Arts

Primary: Stoney Ground P/S (Anguilla)1980-1985 English, Mathematics, Literature, History, Health Science and House-Craft.

In Her Own Words:  "I enjoy reading mystery and thriller books; travelling; dancing and socializing; and most of all spending time with my son. All my future endeavours lies within the interest of my son REIJAY J FENTON. All that I'm achieving now is for him, when he is old enough to take on life, as I did and will continue to do until it's my time"

Profile dated January, 2008.


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                               Ms Jean Brooks  April 15, 1971.

extracurricular :

  • 1st Runner Up in the 1992 Miss Anguilla Pageant capturing both the, Best Costume and Best Swimsuit.

  • 1st Runner-Up in the 1995 Miss African Heritage

  • Former member of both the North Sound and Better Band Fan Clubs, where she served as Public Relation Officer.

  • Active athlete of Yellow House at Valley Secondary.

    In Her Own Words: " I am a past cricket team member of Force To Reckon With."

Jean is a very ambitious lady, who focuses on fully achieving what she sets out to, irrespective of who may-be negative about it.   "In the words of two persons I look up to in my professional life-style, Mr. Nathaniel Hodge and Mr. Colvette Petty, "CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM TAKES YOU PLACES",  she says confidently.