Wild Life in Anguilla

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Special Insect Photos


Wild Anguilla

In Anguilla we have become well known for our extraordinary tropical beauty well defined by our fabulous Sunshine, Sand and Sea.   Having grown up in Anguilla however, we know this lovely island to be much more than a beach. Intricately linked to us is our environment including our climate, shrubs, trees, fruits, vegetables, bottoms, ponds, birds, livestock, lizards, insects and other living organisms that help to define who and what we are. 

Bird Watching -  We are avid bird watches and we photograph each new bird we encounter. Here you will find photographs of some of the common and not so common birds on Anguilla.

Anguilla Lizards -
Scientist have recently shown much interests in the diversity of the lizards found on different islands in the Caribbean. In this section we show some of the lizards found on Anguilla and in an amazing feature we photograph two anole lizards involved in a spectacular fight

Livestock -
Small display of some of the 
livestock you may see in Anguilla

Flora & Fauna -
In recent years Anguillians have welcomed increased rainfall throughout the year.
This has made the island bountiful in fresh fruits and vegetables as well as beautiful gardens in some areas