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Weekend Volleyball Action

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(The Valley, Anguilla) - Volleyball action continued over the weekend in the male and female division.  On Friday After Shock shook team Dynamite to the core as they routed them with a score line of 25, 15; 25, 23 and 25, 18.  After Shock, won thanks in part to the experience of setter Katrina “Hugga” Richardson, the veteran Wilma proctor and hitting enigma, Marsha Edwards.  In the second game of the evening Uprising made quick work of the young A.L.H.C. S. Spartans.  Uprising, missing the presence of middle hitter Javeel ‘Special’ Brooks, worked like a well oiled machine, dismantling the weak defense of the Spartans.  The score for that game was 25, 18; 25, 12 and 25, 19 in favour of Uprising.

On Saturday evening, buoyant After Shock caused more upheaval as they made quick work of debutants Shooting Stars.  With a score line of 25, 16; 25, 18 and 25; 17, After Shock was clinical in its approach.  However their opponents showed signs of improvements as they often lead in the early stages of the game.  With more experience Shooting Stars will be a force to reckon with in the future.

In the night cap, Rising Stars battled Hylandas in what was to be an easy match. Though the score was 25, 12; 25, 9 and 25 20, Hylandas were assisted through the errors of their opponents.   Rising Stars scared their opponents in the third set by blocking, passing and hitting.  Unfortunately the highly experienced Hylandas led by Sherwin Richardson weathered the storm and emerged victorious.

Sunday’s first game was a clash of experience versus youth.  Spikas without team setter Connie Liburd, served team Dynamite a gentle reminder as to who the champions are.  Under the leadership of Khalidah, Vivian, Ludiann and Farrah, Spikas lay siege to the game with a score of 25, 19; 25, 20 and 25, 17.  Despite the game’s result Dynamite were in control of the game during the early phase of each set.  But unforced errors and nerves got the better of them gave the more experienced Spikas the game. 

The long arm of the law, Police tangled with Kumite on the court of volleyball in the second game on Sunday.  Kumite’s defense and offense was strong.  They ram sacked the case presented by their opponents with a score of 25, 13: 25, 13 and 25, 12. This was achieved as Kumite’s setter ensured all  hitters on the court got their fair portions.  Andre “half man, half amazing” was particularly brutal to his opponents as he smashed the ball to all areas of the court.  Team Police showed signs of competitiveness as the often blocked and dug any the hard hits from Kumite. However they were able to provide a stern response to the game of their opponents. 

The game schedule for next week is posted below

Women’s Schedule

Friday 4th Nov        Dynamite  vs  Spikas
Saturday 5th Nov    Spikas      vs   After Shock
Sunday  6th Nov     Dynamite   vs  Shooting stars

Men’s schedule

Friday 4th Nov       Uprising  vs   Police
Saturday 5th Nov   Hylanders  vs   Spartans
Sunday  6th Nov     Kumite  vs   Rising Stars