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Anguillians held in brazen early morning robbery in St. Maarten

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image The islands of Anguilla and St. Maarten are very close on several fronts.

(Source Sxmislandtime.com ) - During the morning of January 1st 2012 at approximately 05.00 hrs some tourist that are staying on our island reported to the Police station that while walking in the Philipsburg area they were robbed by two unknown men on the Boardwalk and that one of them was brandishing a firearm.

The robbers removed several personal items from the tourist such as cell phones, money, jewelry, cameras and other personal items. After committing there act they fled the scene.

Our uniformed officers after receiving this information commenced an intensive search in the Philipsburg area for these suspects that fled on foot.

With the help of and information from our good members of the community they managed to locate and surround one of the suspects on the premises of the Oranje school on Front street.

The suspect was ordered to come out of his hiding place and to surrender to the police. The suspect however chose to draw his firearm on the police officer whereas the officer was obligated to open fire on the suspect.

The suspect was shot in the left leg.

The suspect T.M a national from our neighboring island Anguilla, was still in the possession of the stolen items belonging to the tourist that he had robbed.

These items and the firearm were confiscated in connection with the further investigation.

The suspect was then transported by ambulance to the SMMC for medical treatment and was later released to the police and is now in custody at the Philipsburg police station.

A further investigation led to the apprehension of four other persons also nationals of Anguilla that where in the possession of stolen items that was found in there hotel rooms.

The prosecutors office and the detective department are busy investigating the shooting and further details of this case.

The police will also like to make known that our intense controls will continue throughout the coming months.

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Duke 01/04/2012 02:36:38 Etc/GMT+1
The St. Maarten community have shown the courage to help the Dutch SXM policemen captured the young Anguillian criminals.That is a lesson that the community in Anguilla should take in helping the policemen on Anguilla combat the high rate of crime on Anguilla.The SXM policemen should have [ ] those evil criminals who wickedly robbed the tourist on Dutch St. Maarten. In America, the Virgin Islands,U.K., France,Jamaica,Trinidad or any other country the policemen would have killed the person / persons who pulled a gun on an officer. They are an embarrassment to Anguilla,and until Anguilla institute harsh fines and sentences for those evil criminals,the crime will continue. Where is the chief minister and his protesters or supporters now? Are they now going to protest to the streets and condemn the crimes committed by those thugs in St.Maarten, or would they put the blame on the Governor and the opposition? They should be [ ]or spend life in prison in my opinion.Also, where are the chief minister and his supporters when guns were smuggled through the post office under their nose,that outside law enforcement had to come into the island to broke-up the ring? Where is the out cry for that? But no,they find time to protest against the Governor for what he did legally and within his powers to do.That's why Anguilla would continue to sink and fall off the cliff while many still are sleeping and are distracted from the real issues they should be focusing on.
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Okay 01/04/2012 15:07:56 Etc/GMT+1
I just wish the history of Anguilla and Anguillians should be taken into accord at this momemt. Let me say that Anguilla has become a society with some crime here lately...but it is by no means a high crime rate. Just so you know, Anguillians are hardworking and striving people who either engage in entrepeneurship, public service or private sector employment. As a result, they own and build their own homes, some of the best in the Eastern Caribbean. Back in the day, the warden on the island used to have no prisoners, one at the most.

The criminal minds of the few among the decent hardworking Anguillians, should not be used to judge an entire society. Unfortunately, those who engage in crimes are a menace to society and should be punished to the full extent of the law. In no way however, should such a broad brush be used to malign an entire island community. Again, I repeat Anguilla is still a safe island, yes there are incidents, but in no way can anyone declare Anguilla a crime ridden society..it is not. As a matter of fact, it is the crown jewel of the Eastern Caribbean.
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Just Saying 01/04/2012 18:33:51 Etc/GMT+1
Duke,first of all I have the utmost respect for you, and I hope that is likewise.

These two young men were caught and they will be prosecuted for their wrongdoing. My heart goes out to anyone who is a victim of a violent crime.

But Duke, let me be the voice of reason, what has this issue got to do with the protest in Anguilla, or the CM (the protest was peaceful and I am sure you would agree the right to a peaceful protest is a good way to demonstrate a collective concern), and guns being smuggled into the Post Office? The issue of the robbery has nothing at all to do with the foregoing. Before I go any further, the reason why the FBI agents came to Anguilla in connection with the smuggling issue, is due to the fact that the point of origin of those weapons was more than likely from some U.S territory. Moreover, there are certain international treaties whereby governments no matter how big or small are courteous enough to communicate with each other and lend assistance when necessary. While the smuggling issue may cause concern, I do not see how those folks thought they would get away with it.... truth be told they allowed themselves to be set up. You can rest assured from the moment the items were put in the mail, they were tracked from point A to point B.

Moving right along, Duke I see no reason for your doomsday forecast for Anguilla. Duke I cannot tell you what to do, or how to think, but I can share with you that it pays to be optimistic.

Let us all hold Anguilla up and send her the kind of energy so that the Anguilla that we all know can be restored to her traditional greatness. Let us offer a word of encouragement, support, positive energy for a brighter day. Peace be unto you'
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Johnathon 01/05/2012 22:54:31 Etc/GMT+1
It's nice to know that they were able to find and capture him alive, A few days ago an American high school student pulled a gun on police and they shot and killed him. This was a much better result, thumbs up SXM.

I am still waiting to read about the gun smuggling incident....
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Duke 01/07/2012 00:28:14 Etc/GMT+1
To "Just Saying", i do respect you as well. I don't however bite my tongue, i say things as i see them.The fact is there are numerous crimes committed on the island and it must be address.Secondly, it is shameful to find out that guns were coming into our island via the post office,and tourism, which is our bread and butter can't be threaten by criminals.That would decrease tourism to our shores. Regarding the chief minister,he enjoys making the people panic and seems to be making inaccurate statements about the Governor & the U.K. Government, and that is one of the biggest problems i have with him. I am pro-British and overtly would make that statement any where.The fact is the budget would be sign and the Anguilla Government wouldn't lose money as the chief minister is claiming.Many budgets in Anguilla were not asserted to by the first working day of January.Third, the chief minister must sign the provisional warrant as required in order to keep the government functioning and to be able to make payments. Lastly, when the budget is not yet asserted to, the provisions sets out in the financial administration and audit act allows the government to use funds for the operation and functioning of government. These are disputed facts. The Governor made it clear that the U.K. is not trying to cut the civil service salaries, and neither is the U.K. trying to impose cuts to civil service,that is the role of the elected ministers of government in Anguilla.The chief minister constantly make false claims without any facts wrongfully against the U.K. Government .He is approaching his 80 th birthday,and it is time for him to settled down and make peace with with maker.This is a new year, and it should be a new beginning for the chief minister.Instead he always on his fighting mood with his conspiracy theories that the British is Anguilla's enemy when that is not the case. He, the chief minister, is the problem ,not the Governor or the U.K. Government.
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Just Saying 01/11/2012 06:21:01 Etc/GMT+1
Duke, we have at least gathered the utmost respect for each other...and this is not a fighting match of any sort. Although our opinions differ, and you have more firsthand information on the day to day inner workings of the Government in Anguilla, I hear your points that you have made loud and clear.

Now, I will comment on the tragic incident in St. Maarten as well as make a few other points. As it turns out the folk who committed the crime, seem to have been living in Anguilla or were residents of Anguilla, and that is how Anguilla's name was brought in. Yes, you are right any crime on Anguilla is a crime that is too many. However, whereas your concern is for the safety tourists and the decreasing numbers in tourism, I maintain that when Anguilla is safe for its year round residents and citizens, it will be safe to welcome anyone to their shores.

Regarding the issue of trying to mail weapons into Anguilla, I tried to tell you before, the way that works is when those weapons if they were being mailed from any U.S Postal Service station, the government of the U.S is automatically involved. Let me assure you that those weapons were never going to reach their intended recipient, because they were tracked from the time they reached point A and were being sent to point B.

I agree with you in that peace should be a major resolution for this year and beyond; but hear me out the people of Anguilla had a choice to elect someone else, they chose to elect the CM, and I am not brow beating anyone for doing so, but what I am saying is, it was in their hands to elect someone else, but they chose the CM. With all due respect, he is the CM, whether we choose to agree with him or not. Now is the time to prepare for the next time around when elections are going to be happening.

Duke, I wish you well and best wishes for a great 2012
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