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Anguillians held in brazen early morning robbery in St. Maarten

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image The islands of Anguilla and St. Maarten are very close on several fronts.

(Source Sxmislandtime.com ) - During the morning of January 1st 2012 at approximately 05.00 hrs some tourist that are staying on our island reported to the Police station that while walking in the Philipsburg area they were robbed by two unknown men on the Boardwalk and that one of them was brandishing a firearm.

The robbers removed several personal items from the tourist such as cell phones, money, jewelry, cameras and other personal items. After committing there act they fled the scene.

Our uniformed officers after receiving this information commenced an intensive search in the Philipsburg area for these suspects that fled on foot.

With the help of and information from our good members of the community they managed to locate and surround one of the suspects on the premises of the Oranje school on Front street.

The suspect was ordered to come out of his hiding place and to surrender to the police. The suspect however chose to draw his firearm on the police officer whereas the officer was obligated to open fire on the suspect.

The suspect was shot in the left leg.

The suspect T.M a national from our neighboring island Anguilla, was still in the possession of the stolen items belonging to the tourist that he had robbed.

These items and the firearm were confiscated in connection with the further investigation.

The suspect was then transported by ambulance to the SMMC for medical treatment and was later released to the police and is now in custody at the Philipsburg police station.

A further investigation led to the apprehension of four other persons also nationals of Anguilla that where in the possession of stolen items that was found in there hotel rooms.

The prosecutors office and the detective department are busy investigating the shooting and further details of this case.

The police will also like to make known that our intense controls will continue throughout the coming months.