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Preliminary Data from Anguilla's Census 2011 puts the population at 13,542

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“How Many and Where? – Size, Composition and Location"

THE VALLEY - Preliminary findings from the Anguilla Population and Housing Census (AP&HC) 2011 indicate that the enumerated population at the Visitation Record (VR) stage was 13,452 persons. The visitation record stage was the preliminary count stage, which allowed for these preliminary figures to be compiled in the interim; that is, while the data from the main questionnaire are being coded, edited, scanned and verified, prior to the logic checks, analysis and report writing.

The figures indicate that there was a 16.4% increase in the total population over the 2001 census figure of 11,561. Of the total 13,452 persons, 6,663 or 49.5% were males and the remaining 6,795 or 50.5% were females; a sex ratio of 98.06, that is for every 98 males there are 100 females or for every 1 male there are 1.02 females.

The total count however, which includes persons in institutions including hotels and guest houses along with boat within Anguilla’s waters on May 11 – Census night was 13,965.

Geographic Distribution.

The preliminary AP& HC 2011 figures show that all except three (3) districts had increases in their resident population when compared to the 2001 census figures. The district with the largest increase; 65.7% was the district of North Side. The preliminary recorded figure for the 2011 Census stands at 1, 980 as compared to 1,195 in 2001. In addition the district of North Side also accounted for the largest proportion of the resident population; 14.7%.

The district of Stoney Ground followed with a 36.7% increase in the population over the 2001 Census figures; moving from a total of 1,133 to 1,549. However, it accounted for the third largest proportion of the total resident population; 11.5%, the district of South Hill accounted for the second largest proportion, 12.5%, with 1,722 persons residing there.

The district of Sandy Ground continues to be the district with the smallest number of residents and proportionate contribution to the total resident Anguilla population. Sandy Ground experienced a 16.1% decline in its 2011 preliminary population figures when compared to the 2001 census figures. In 2011, the figure stood at 230 as compared to 274 in 2001. Additionally, it was the place of residence for 1.7% of the total population as compared to 2.4% in 2001.

The two other districts that recorded inter censal declines were The Valley including Upper Valley, 8.7% and The Quarter with 1.9%.


It should be noted that these figures are preliminary and maybe subject to change. The Anguilla Statistics Department (ASD) would like to thank all householders who cooperated with enumerators during the enumeration phase and the other phases of Anguilla Population and Housing Census 2011. Additionally, we are requesting
your patience as it relates to the further dissemination of the more detailed and final results of the census. Additionally we seek your continued cooperation and patience as we work towards completing the remaining phases of the Anguilla Population and Housing Census (AP&HC) 2011. Some persons may be contacted during the verification process, we solicit your indulgence as it is only with your cooperation and assistance that the ASD is able to produce, ‘Sound Statistics for Sustainable Development’.
More information on these figures can be obtained from the Anguilla Statistics Department/Census Office, located in the OldCourt House Building in the Valley. Telephone no. 497-5731, Email statistics@gov.ai