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Anguilla participates in World Bank and OECS Microdata documentation workshop, Castries, Saint Lucia

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Anguilla participated in the recently concluded data documentation workshop sponsored by the World Bank in collaboration with the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), from February 13th – 17th, 2017 in Castries, Saint Lucia. The workshop’s focus was primarily to support the OECS member and associate member countries’, National Statistics Offices in building capacity to document, preserve and disseminate survey metadata and data using international standards.

The objectives were for participants to; (i) gained the skills needed to document and preserve survey/census microdata according to international standards and; (ii) produced documentation for surveys from their agencies. The preparation of good metadata (information about the data; methodologies and variables etc.) is important as it helps those using the data better understand the data and how to use it in an appropriate way. It also ensures that institutional knowledge is maintained by preserving all the information about the data and its associated survey process for future reference and use. Good metadata, when prepared using international standards, also ensures that information about a census, survey or administrative data can be where appropriate, shared with others.

The workshop involved a detailed training in the international standards used for the preservation and documentation of survey and census data. The training also involved the use of a free Metadata Editor for preparation of the documentation according to the Data Documentation International (DDI). The DDI is an international standard used in survey archives around the world. Furthermore, the workshop involved sessions of instruction by the facilitators as well as practical sessions in which participants documented surveys from their agencies.

The Anguilla Statistics Department (ASD) participation at the workshop was an opportunity for the continued development, and improvement of its statistical capacity in all areas of statistics, especially in particular; Domain 4- Methodology of data collection, processing, dissemination and analysis – metadata, given the ASD 2017 current work and future work focus. The workshop was attended by OECS member and associate member countries, Anguilla was represented by the Anguilla Statistics Department’s, Senior Statistical Officers, Ms Dilece Connor and Mr. Careme Carty.