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Police display seized firearms and ammunition

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The Royal Anguilla Police Force on Tuesday 30th January, 2018 displayed to the Anguillian Media several firearms and rounds of ammunition at a display held at the Valley Police Station. The firearms twelve (12) pistols, three (3) revolvers, two (2) assault rifles and one (1) .22 riffle along with several hundred rounds of ammunition for various firearms were seized during the execution of searches on premises across Anguilla. “These guns that can be easily concealed and are very deadly and we have been working very hard to have illegal guns taken off the street,” said Commissioner of Police Mr. Paul Morrison.  “The Royal Anguilla Police Force with its commitment to reducing crime and the incidents of crime is tackling gun crime as a priority”

The Royal Anguilla Police Force continues to appeal to the public to use their confidential reporting website WWW.gov.ai/911 if they know of anyone who owns or carry an illegal firearm.  The RAPF will also like to remind the public that the illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition both carry hefty fines.

General Penalty of the Firearms Act section 50 state

Any person guilty of an offence under this Act for which no penalty is otherwise provided is liable—

(a)   on summary conviction to a fine of $200,000 or to imprisonment  for a term of 5 years or to both; or

(b)  on conviction upon indictment to a fine or to imprisonment for a  period of 14 years, or to both.

Don’t sit patting yourselves too long
Officers of the Royal Anguilla Police Force on Monday 29th January, 2018 were warned that they cannot sit patting themselves on their backs for too long.  
These were words of advice given to the RAPF during the 46th Annual Police Week Lecture by Dr. Phyllis Fleming-Banks, Manager - Open Campus British Overseas Territories, Open Campus Country Sites (OCCS), The University of the West Indies.
Fleming-Banks who was at the time addressing the police on the theme, “Continued Professional Development” at the Police Training Room indicated that while she recognized the work that has already taking place in developing personnel she  said, “Do not sit patting yourselves on the back for too long or you will soon lag behind your colleague.  Continued development must be an integral part of an officer’s development”.
Dr. Fleming-Banks continued, “Once you know your “WHY” you must continue to challenge and stretch yourself by setting long term goals.  You must write them down and place them where you can see them ensuring that you acquire the technical knowledge to do so.”
Fleming-Banks who also said that while professional development is a personal issue for each officer leaders do also have a responsibility in ensuring that its staff is given opportunity for professional development as well.
Dr. Fleming-Banks concluded her presentation by opining that with the financial constraints and challenges, the RAPF cannot risk not having training and professional development as being paramount.  
Haslyn Patterson confirmed Inspector of Police
Acting Inspector Haslyn Patterson has been confirmed to the post of Inspector within the Royal Anguilla Police Force with responsibility for the Criminal Investigations Department.
Patterson who has been acting in the post for over a year now will continue to supervise the Major and Volume Crime Unit, the Safeguarding Investigation Unit, Scenes of Crime Unit, Criminal Intelligence Unit, Firearms and Drug Task Force.
“Haslyn does have what it takes to run the Criminal Investigation Department”, said Commissioner of Police Paul Morrison.  “He has the experience as well as the necessary qualifications and has been doing a great job over the past year.  I look forward to his continued leadership in the department as we look to consolidate our learning over the past year and a half.”
“Having worked in the department for more than a year now as the Inspector and several as the Sergeant prior to that I am very cognizant of the challenges and the direction the department needs to be going in”, said Inspector Patterson.  “We have spent the past couple years working toward resilience and capacity building and we are hoping during this coming year to consolidate those learnings in order to create and more efficient and professional department.”
Officer Patterson, who has almost 23 years of service having joined the ranks of the Royal Anguilla Police Force on 1st March, 1995 has worked in many departments of the force during that time.  
25 years old male on remand for possession of firearm and ammunitions
The Royal Anguilla Police Force on Wednesday 17th January, 2018 charged 25 years old Marlon Franklin of Sachasses with possession of an illegal firearm and ammunitions.
Franklin who was found in possession of a firearm and sixteen (16) rounds of ammunitions whilst he was not the holder of a firearms users licence was taken before the Magistrate’s Court on Thursday 18th January, 2018 charged with both offences where he was remanded at Her Majesty’s Prison.
He is due back in court on 24th May 2018 to answer to the charges.
The RAPF would like to remind the public that:
a) The defendant is entitled to a fair trial;
b) There is a presumption of innocence until proven guilty;
c) Nothing would be stated or published which would prejudice a fair trial taking place; and
d) Section 115(g) of the Criminal Code applies and which provides for an offence in respect of any person who, while a judicial proceeding is pending, makes use of any speech or writing misrepresenting such proceeding or capable of prejudicing any person in favor of or against any parties to such proceeding, or calculated to lower the authority of any person before whom the proceeding is to be held.