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Rudolph Proctor is Anguilla's New Commissioner of Police

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image Governor Harrison

(The Valley, Anguilla) Alistair Harrison, Governor of Anguilla, announced on Monday 10 May 2010 that he had appointed Mr Rudolph Proctor to be the Commissioner of Police in succession to Mr Keithly Benjamin. The appointment would take immediate effect.
The Governor commented that he was delighted to make the appointment. The post had been advertised and had attracted a good field of candidates from Anguilla and the region.

Mr Proctor had shown himself to be the best candidate from a strong shortlist of those interviewed; the Public Services Commission had endorsed his appointment in the process of consultation before the Governor's appointment as required by the Police Act.
The Governor added that it was particularly pleasing to make an appointment from the ranks of the Royal Anguilla Police Force, which Mr Proctor had served for 27 years during which he had risen from the ranks of constable to Deputy Commissioner.
The Governor wished the new Commissioner and the RAPF well in their efforts to contain crime on the island, including the challenges of financial crime, drugs and illegal weapons. He assured the new Commissioner of his continuing full support for the RAPF.

The posts of Deputy Commissioner and  Superintendent (Operations) which are vacant, will now be advertised according to the Governor's Office.