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Photo Theme : "Around The Race" - by EAB

On May 31, 2007 the humid air permitted a keen competition as the boats set sail from Sandy Ground going north and east past Shoal Bay, Island Harbour, and Windward Point.  At the South Western end of the island the picture was very different. Dark skies gathered and upon arrival boats were treated to an onslaught of lightening, thunder and rain from a fierce squall. Look at the top two photos and you may see the cyclical cloud formations that gave rise to water spouts. The stillness that followed rendered several boats motionless in the water.

AnguillaLNT was aboard the Killy-B with HBR crew and as they broadcasted the event we took the photos.

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What was unique about the race?
5 boats abandoned the race due to inability to sail to the final destination in the calm weather.

5 boats abandoned the race after officials called it off.

4 boats finished the race and three of them were
awarded positions by consensus.


Around the race - by Elizabeth Bryan